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Corona info

When do I need to get tested?

For many, it is unclear exactly when they should get tested - if you have a cold? A sore throat? What if you have had a tickling cough for 3 weeks? And what if you have already been vaccinated?

In order to clarify these situations, the government has developed a useful questionnaire that determines for your specific situation whether a test is necessary or not. You will even receive a test code immediately if necessary!

You can find this covid-check on this website.


Isolation after infection with COVID-19

If you had a positive PCR test or rapid antigen test (RAT) and you were found to be infected with COVID-19, then:

  • you have to spend 7 days in isolation;

  • you may leave isolation from day 7 provided that you no longer have any symptoms

  • you do not have to have a PCR test done afterwards

You have symptoms?

Do a self-test, these are available from your pharmacy. 

If you test negative, you may leave the quarantine.

If you test positive you follow the rules as mentioned above.

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