Temporary stop on new registrations. 


Who are we?

In 2013, as two college friends (Sylke and Hannah), we started the practice De Tandem in the heart of Laken. In 2018, we welcomed our third colleague Willem and currently we are with three permanent doctors and a GP-in-training. We live and work in Brussels and feel at home in the fascinating mix of cultures, languages and people.

The Tandem stands for the doctor-patient relationship: we hope, as doctors, to cycle in the same direction as the patient and to arrive at a good approach, in mutual consultation. The road will not always be flat and straight, but detours, hills and valleys also form a beautiful landscape. Taking time for each person is important to us. In the Tandem, we are a team: the patients are known by the practice and there is regular consultation, in which we base ourselves on the current guidelines (evidence-based medicine).  

Our mother tongue is Dutch and we are also fluent in French and English. You can come to us with any health-related questions or problems. We provide both acute and chronic care to everyone between the ages of 0 and 122, regardless of culture, background, gender or philosophy of life; we assist with pregnancies, we care for people in the last phase of life, we see young children, mothers & fathers, singles, the elderly, young people, travellers, pensioners, refugees, artists, civil servants, the self-employed, ... in other words, everyone.

The enthusiasm has continued to grow into a dream where we can work together with care providers from other disciplines under one roof. And that is how BLES came into being in 2021. We hope to continue working together on good, high-quality care for every Brussels resident, with a broad perspective on health and well-being.

Welcome to De Tandem!



Summer holidays 2022. 

Dear patients,


The summer holiday periods for the doctors have been fixed as follows:


Dr. Delrue Willem will be absent from 23 June to 4 July

Dr. Van Dierdonck Sylke will be absent from July 18 through August 5

Dr. Demaerel Hannah will be absent from 10 August through 30 August


Thanks for your understanding


Team De Tandem


Temporary stop on new registrations. 

Dear Patients,


In order to be able to guarantee good care, we are forced to take a temporary break from registering new patients. 

Only patients who are already known to our practice will be able to make an appointment online or by telephone. 

Family members of already known patients can still register. 



If there is room for new registrations we will let you know.



Thank you for your understanding


Team De Tandem


Dr. Marjan Van Reckem, Junior Doctor


It is our pleasure to introduce our new GP junior doctor: Dr. Marjan Van Reckem!

You can make an appointment with her via the online agenda.


A quick word about herself:

"My name is Marjan Van Reckem and from the 1st of April I will succeed Gilles Depuydt as HAIO (general practitioner in training) in the practice. After one year of experience as a HAIO in a general practice in Groot-Bijgaarden, I worked for the past six months at the diabetology and cardiovascular disease departments of the UZ Brussel. Although this was very instructive, I am looking forward to returning to general practice with great enthusiasm. It will be a pleasure to welcome you at the consultation, whether it is for an everyday problem, a chronic problem or a good chat. Of course I'll be supported by the entire team of De Tandem. See you at the consultation!"






Dear patient

With the amount of covid cases going down and the barometer now at yellow, it seems like a good time to send out a newsletter with some updates and adjustments in our practice.

1. Mouth mask requirement
Mouth masks are gradually disappearing from everyday life.
However, they still have to be worn in healthcare settings.
Therefore we would like to ask everyone to please still wear a mouth mask in the practice and waiting room, covering both your mouth and nose.

2. Farewell Dr. Gilles Depuydt
Dr. Gilles Depuydt has been a junior doctor GP in our practice for the past year and a half. His time here is coming to an end. From the 1st of April he will continue his training elsewhere.
We wish him all the best and good luck and would like to thank him for everything he has done for our practice.

3. Arrival of Dr. Marjan Van Reckem
With the departure of Gilles, a new junior doctor GP joins us.
We would like to introduce you to Dr Marjan Van Reckem:
I am Marjan Van Reckem and from the 1st of April I am succeeding Gilles Depuydt as HAIO (general practitioner in training) in the practice. After a year of experience as junior doctor in a general practice in Groot-Bijgaarden, I have worked for the past six months at the diabetology and cardiovascular disease departments at the UZ Brussel. Although this was very educational, I am looking forward to returning to general practice with great enthusiasm. It will be a pleasure to welcome you, whether it is for an everyday problem, a chronic problem or a good chat. Of course, I will be supported by the entire team of De Tandem. See you at our next consultation!

4. Emails
During the corona crisis, the use of emails was a great help to us and a convenient way to communicate. These days,however, the amount of emails we receive has become an obstruction that makes our work more difficult.
To try and limit the time spent replying to these emails, we will no longer reply to incoming email requests and have adjusted our recommendations as follows:

  • If you need a new prescription, please call usin the morning between 8:15 and 10 am or in the afternoon between 2 and 2:30 pm. Please do not call the emergency phone!

  • If you need a certificate, a prescription for physiotherapy or osteopathy, a prescription for imaging or a referral letter, we ask you to make an appointment.

  • We will no longer be answering medical questions over email either. For clear reasons, it is better to discuss these during a consultation.

  • 5. Preventive examinations

  • A short reminder regarding which preventive examinations are recommended:

  • Cervical screening: smear test for women over 25, every 3 years. In case of any irregular results you will be invited for the test more frequently.

  • Colon cancer screening: a faecal test for everyone over the age of 50; invitations are sent out automatically by the government.

  • Breast cancer screening: a mammogram and ultrasound scan for women aged 50 and over, you will need a prescription from us for this.

  • Annual fasting blood test: for everyone aged 45 and over

6. Vaccinations
Now that many people are quietly starting to dream about their summer trip, we would like to remind you that certain vaccinations are recommended for various travel destinations.
You can check this for each country at www.wanda.be.
You are always welcome to discuss this with us during our consultation.




Positive COVID test? Please Teleconsult

Dear patient,

In order to prevent the spread of the highly contagious omicron variant in the waiting room and in the cabinet, we are asking patients who have tested positive for COVID 19 not to come in, unless absolutely necessary.

We prefer to treat you via a teleconsult. This can be requested by phone / email, mentioning the test date, test type (Ag/PCR?) and start date of the symptoms.

Thank you for your understanding


Changed telephone schedule

Dear patient,

There will be a change in the hours at which you can reach us by phone. This system will be replaced by a fixed schedule that shows which doctor will be answering your call, so you can talk to the doctor you want to reach (see schedule below). This schedule will be used as of 23/08/2021, and you will be able to call our office between 2 and 2.30 p.m.

We would like to emphasize that this contact moment is for general information purposes. For technical results (blood tests, radiology, etc.), the doctor will get in touch with you or you can make an appointment to discuss the results. In case of emergency, you can always reach us on 0486/78 65 87.

Dr. Van Dierdonck
Dr. Delrue
Dr. Van Reckem
Dr. Demaerel

Thank you for your understanding,

Team De Tandem


Announcement Lieven Holvoet

We are happy and proud to welcome Lieven Holvoet in De Tandem.

For years, we've had a nice cooperation with him as a pharmacist-biologist in the lab. He's supported us day and night with his rich experience and advice.

As of 02/08, he will make a career switch and will assist De Tandem with administrative tasks, telephone reception and we can further benefit from his extensive scientific knowledge. 

Welcome Lieven!




New agenda system

On Wednesday 04/08 we will change our agenda system. This may cause problems for a few hours with online bookings.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


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