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Dear patients,

We are committed to making online doctor-patient communication as easy as possible whilst protecting your privacy.


Helena is a secure online platform for all your medical documents. On this platform you can find the prescriptions, certificates and referral letters that we have sent you. These digital documents will then stay available to you for 6 months. Helena is completely free of charge for all patients.

This means that from now on we will not send prescriptions by e-mail but we will make use of the Helena platform instead.


On the website ( you can already register at home with your electronic identity card (eID) or via itsme. The registration process is quick and easy. Once you are logged in, your part is done and healthcare providers can send you digital prescriptions. If the above method does not work, you can always contact us for help.


How to activate Helena: 

1) Surf to
2) Activate your account with your eID or Itsme app
3) Done! You now have access to your medical info and prescriptions, all in a safe way that protects
your privacy!

You can find more information on

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